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Shaun Wasso

Shaun has been helping clients achieve their lifestyle goals for over 20 years. Born with an innate love of being active, Shaun became a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer in 1997 and has been passionate about the industry ever since. 

In 2004, Shaun started Fitness Inc. with the goal of using his skill set to empower and motivate clients and to create a welcoming place where relationships were at the forefront of fitness, with dietary and exercise plans totally personalized for each individual. The result was an astounding success, and many of Shaun’s original clients still train with him today. 

Under Shaun’s leadership, the business has thrived and expanded twice since opening its doors. Although Shaun manages his business, he continues to work with clients, passionate about his mission to help people of all ages and abilities achieve the goals they thought to be impossible. He’s created real results ranging from weight loss to performance enhancement, nutrition planning, and curating healthier lifestyles.

Shaun enjoys working with his clients in individual and group settings, and is certified in youth training, senior training, golf training, and weight loss. His love of working with all varieties of people and helping them through their individual fitness journeys is what has kept him engaged and active in this line of work for so many years.

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