It’s All About YOU!

Our personal training philosophy is all about YOU – guiding you on your journey to a happier, healthier life. We are here to educate and motivate you throughout your customized workouts. We want you to meet your weight loss or strength goals while avoiding injury.

We see ourselves as educators, motivators and designers of personalized programs that improve our clients’ overall quality of life. We focus on meeting your goals AND the long-term health benefits of improving your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, which will invariably lead to a better mood, a more positive outlook on life and enhanced self-esteem! 

You won’t see many weight “machines” in our gym. We want to teach you how to train “functionally”, which will take you much further in your training than basic weight machine reps. As a result, you’ll benefit from being more balanced, stronger and more flexible.



We know that repeating rep after rep becomes boring – that’s why at Fitness Inc you’ll never do the same workout twice. Keeping workouts different, fun and challenging will help keep you motivated. Our workouts encompass the full body, which will help you feel the overall benefits of your workout and accomplish your goals faster.

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