Take Your golf game to the next level

Our golf training instructor, Alan Vitelli, has been practicing as a certified athletic trainer since 2009 and is Titleist Performance Institute Certified. In your golf training sessions, Alan will utilize the proven approach of the body-swing connection from the Titleist Performance Institute with a simple swing-analysis screen.

  • A physical movement screen identifies limitations and imbalances, which may cause loss of power, swing speed and inconsistent ball striking.
  • A video analysis of the swing identifies the 12 most common swing characteristics, which may also decrease performance and lead to lower back pain.
  • Together, a custom fitness program is created to reduce or eliminate any physical limitations allowing your body to correct the swing faults.
How effective is the program?
22 of the top 35 golfers in the world rankings are working with a Titleist Performance Institute Professional

Improvements can be seen in:

  • Posture & Balance
  • Stability & Mobility
  • Flexibility & Injury Prevention
  • Muscular Strength, Power and Endurance
  • Enjoyment of the Game You Love

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For golf-specific strengthening and training, I highly recommend Alan Vitelli at Fitness Inc. For many years, I’ve experienced  back problems during the golf season and this summer was particularly severe. However, after working with Alan for a few weeks, I made a full recovery and went on to have a great golf season. I believe Alan’s attention to perfect exercise technique and his knowledge of physiology make him a first-rate trainer for golfers of any age and ability. Best of all, I’m never sore after his workouts – just stronger!  – Phil Mavon
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