Why People are Raving About Fitness Inc

“Why do I make Fitness Inc the first stop of the day five days a week?”  When I came to Shaun I had a limp and was a bit of a physical wimp. Since that time, I have gained both physical and mental toughness, set goals and met physical challenges I never dreamt I could accomplish — I rode a bike for 60 miles and walked 40 miles. Thanks to Shaun’s constant motivation and pushiness (towards the goals I’ve set), I have lost 100 pounds, kept it off and gained strength and endurance.  I am successfully making important lifestyle changes and achieving my weight and fitness goals. Thanks, Shaun!– Nancy Biank
Over the past 10 years, I gained so much weight that I had to buy my clothes at Big and Tall stores. I groaned bending over to put my socks on. I dreaded flying because the seats were so small. I would feel lightheaded and get stomach cramps when I had to pick something off the floor. I couldn’t talk while walking, as I would get short of breath. My legs, back and neck were always aching. My mom, wife and kids constantly pleaded with me to lose weight. Finally, my friend, Rick, convinced me to stop by Fitness Inc and talk to his trainer. The trainers worked with me at my pace. Their advice on diet was something I felt I could do. They changed my life. In less than seven months, I am 41 pounds lighter, have lost 8 inches in my waist and feel the best I have in many years. Friends, relatives and co-workers all notice the physical changes as well as the additional energy that I have. Thank you so much Fitness Inc! You are truly special.– Rick Kokoszka
  Fitness Inc has been a life changing experience. As a client for the past 2 plus years, the BootCamp group is exactly what I needed to motivate and challenge me. Shaun has given such a solid guide and foundation to my fitness health. From nutritional support to specifying goals, Shaun has guided me every step of the way with my journey. I have not only changed my physical self but my mental health as well!  – Lisa Phelps
I have been going to Fitness Inc for almost three years now and I can’t say enough good things about Fitness Inc and Shaun. Shaun knows a lot about fitness and nutrition. I am involved in a BootCamp class and I love it! Shaun is always switching it up, so we never do the same thing. I am definitely stronger than I have ever been. Shaun is positive and always encouraging us to work our hardest and even try new races outside of class. I have also made new, great friends and they make working out fun as well! – Kathy Brent
I recommend Fitness Inc for workout enthusiasts looking for challenging and effective workouts and high-quality individualized personal training. An avid exerciser, Fitness Inc has boosted my fitness to a new level. The BootCamp classes are intense with a mixture of cardio and weight lifting using a variety of equipment. Each class results in a satisfying calorie burn every time. The class content varies and classes are never dull. The personal trainers are experienced, tailor workouts to your individual fitness goals and ensure that you are performing the exercises safely. I have seen overall improvement in my strength and cardio fitness since working with Shaun!– Martha Kanter
Thanks to Shaun, I’m healthier, stronger and, most importantly, a better golfer in my mid-forties than I was in my mid-thirties. As someone who hates working out, I’d recommend the Fitness Inc trainers to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and energy, but doesn’t love going to the gym. They will create an individualized program for you that is interesting, appropriate and even a lot of fun using the best equipment and a first-rate, private facility.  – Phil Mavon