How to Handle Hunger When You’re Trying to Lose Weight

Healthy Breakfast - Handling Hunger

The article below is from My Fitness Pal, titled “How to Handle Hunger When You’re Trying to Lose Weight” by Author Danielle Omar Ever have those days when all you can think about is what you’ll eat next? We all do! When trying to cut calories for weight loss, hunger is the most common side […]

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5 Essentials of an Impromptu Home Gym

Impromtu Home Gym
The article below is from My Fitness Pal, titled "5 Essentials of an Impromptu Home Gym" by Author Brittany Risher. Whether you’re an avid outdoor runner or cyclist but the weather makes getting out next to impossible or you can’t get to the gym for whatever reason, it’s nice to have a backup plan. And that’s [...] Read More

5 Frequently Asked Questions for Trainers…Answered

trainer frequently asked questions

The article below is from My Fitness Pal, titled “5 Frequently Asked Questions for Trainers…Answered,” by Author Brittany Risher.   Trainers and coaches have a wealth of knowledge. Ask them about building muscle, burning fat, losing weight, gaining strength, becoming more flexible, etc., and they’ll have an answer. But if you put yourself in a […]

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Numbers You Should Know

fitness weight

According to some fitness experts, people who make a habit to avoid their bathroom scale might have the right idea. Well, let’s say a few other health-related numbers may be every bit as important as our weight…

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Get Back in the Groove

kick start your fitness routine

Whether you are looking to get started with, or back to, an exercise routine, you should begin by gradually building a regimen. Here are a few exercises to try.

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Breakfast: Your Most Important Meal

Eating Breakfast, Fitness, Inc.

Eating breakfast can help control weight by reducing the urge to overeat as the day goes on. Skipping breakfast, on the other hand, can leave you sluggish, diminish your mood and leave you more vulnerable to heart disease over the long run.

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