The Fitness Inc Difference

Innovative Training

At Fitness Inc, our coaches know how to change up your routines to make sure you stay challenged and work all of the different muscle groups – while burning fat! We make sure you will look forward to your next training session and see results – fast!

Get Results – While Having FUN!

Our trainers are there to keep you safe, push you to reach your fitness potential and make sure you are having fun! 

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in the most effective and efficient individualized workouts to meet YOUR personal fitness needs. With the most qualified and experienced personal training staff, we pride ourselves on creating workouts that are creative, challenging, fun and promote long-term sustainable results. Our trainers plan your workout schedule around a time that is best for you and we show up to motivate you and support you each time you step foot in our gym.


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Shaun Wasso

Owner, Personal Trainer
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